Cthulhu Products

What does Cthulhu have in store for you? Besides an extra-dimensional tentacled resolution to your meaningless existence, a number of products have been approved for your worship.

Products appear courtesy of the Campaign's whim and may be removed from this listing for non-Euclidean reasons at any time-space point. Products are generally cephalopodian in nature, but they are not produced by the Campaign so this page is purely informative. If you are looking for more Cthulhiana retailers, the Campaign suggests you use your tiny grey matter to search for them.

Mythos-ical Readings

The Riddle of Cthulhu
Ray Emerson of Cthulhu Books has released upon the world his Lovecraftian tale, The Riddle of Cthulhu. Featuring Cthulhu and Yog-Sothoth with guest appearances by al-Hazard and the Necronomicon, it's "Just the thing to cuddle up to on a rainy night!"

Eldritch Art

Want your own copy of Abdul Alhazred's Necronomicon? Tough. But you can create your own in the handcrafted sketchbook available from Todd Kennedy at Neomancer.com Inc.

The cover looks like:

Necronomicon Cover

Graven Things

Some political parties have such curious policies as:

Thou shalt not make to thyself a graven thing, nor the likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or in the earth beneath, nor of those things that are in the waters under the earth.

We find this antithetical to our goals and therefore support the efforts of Tommy Allison (Mad Robot Studios) who is making these terrifyingly beautiful busts:

Cthulhu Bust

Want your own idol to worship? Contact the creator, Tommy Allison, Mad Robot Studios, 6630 Lyndale Ave South, 2nd Floor Suite #2, Richfield, MN 55423. Price is $99 plus shipping and handling.

Some puny carbon-based lifeforms find such small trifles unsatisfying. For those that crave a bigger god there is a bigger solution. The worshipful Tom Baksik (NetherCraft Statuary, Detroit, MI, USA) has designed a larger likeness. More craven images like the one below can be found at NetherCraft's web site

Cthulhu Statue

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