Here's a picture of me.

Don't be fooled. This picture is from 1994. I don't wear suits (this was taken during a dress up for work photo day at a small startup a long time ago.) And I don't have long hair anymore. I don't won't to bore you with the details of my personal life. It's the campaign that's important. Now get out there and drum up the vote!

I was a student at Reed College.

I am now a grad student at the University of Washington

You don't really care, so I don't. That's all I'm putting here for now.

Ok, a little history. I was working at a small startup in '94. We were one of the first companies in Silicon Valley designing web sites. Netscape 1.0 wasn't even out yet. So, I realize that domain names are starting to get snatched up quickly. A friend of mine had one of Choasium's early Cthulhu For President kits, and I was always a big HPL fan. So I figured, I might as well jump on the bandwagon and get my own domain name. was already taken, so I grabbed the .org domain name. Of course, being a .org I needed to make a site related to that status. Back in those days people generally followed the rules (.com for business, .org for not-for-profits and .net for ISPs.) So, bored one weekend I threw together the site. A year or two later, I put together the archive that I had amassed. But that newsgroup mostly fizzled (because of all the goddamn spam) and since then I haven't done much with the site but pay the small bills to keep onto it. However, I really would like to improve it one day. It's just that sometimes, life gets in the way of the campaign. If only Cthulhu were here to keep me company.

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